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빅뱅 covers & individual cover songs 
2nd-Aug-2009 01:50 am
aww.... It was so damn hard to find some of those songs >< I wasn't able to find all from the requested - but I tried as much as I can.
And I uploaded some which wasn't there Leslie.


musical "Sonagi" Seungri solo work

01 꽃씨가 되어 (We Found Them)
02 이상하지 (Weird)
03 조약돌 (Pebbles)
04 괜찮아 (It’s Okay)
05 언제나 내겐 (I Will Always)

individual covers & covers by Big Bang

G-Dragon - beatbox
G-Dragon - But I Love U (concert live)
G-Dragon - Children Song
G-Dragon - DJGD + This Love (live rip)
G-Dragon - G-Dragon
G-Dragon - Gi Euk Man Nee Rah Do
G-Dragon - Gimme That
G-Dragon - Hot Issue (radio live)
G-Dragon - Lady (GDragon Version)
G-Dragon - Look Only At Me
G-Dragon - One Love (Goreal radio 26.01.07 )
G-Dragon - Put Your Hands Up
G-Dragon - Run It
G-Dragon - Stand Up (Japan Remix)
G-Dragon - Storm
G-Dragon - Stronger
G-Dragon - The Real Slim Shady
G-Dragon - This Love (English ver.)
G-Dragon - This Love (Remix)
G-Dragon - Why Be Normal
G-Dragon - YDHLL Rap

G-Dragon & TOP - Forever with You (Sukira 061211)
G-Dragon & TOP - Stand Up Stage
G-Dragon & TOP - We Belong Together
G-Dragon & 대성 - 클론 초련
G-Dragon and So Hee - Tell Me
Gummy - Work it now ft. G-Dragon
Park Bom - Anystar feat. G- Dragon

TOP - Beatboxing
TOP - No Diggity
TOP - Rap
TOP - Snitch
TOP - TOP's Manwon Haengbok Song

TOP & 태양 - Pop Ya Collar

대성 - With Me
대성 - 나였으면

Daesung, Seungri, Eru & KCM - Ddaeng Bun (live)

승리 - A Fool's Tears (radio live)
승리 - BIG BOY
승리 - Love (radio live)
승리 - Lovestoned
승리 - Next Day
승리 - Pop (cover live)
승리 - Seungri's Manwon Haengbok Song
승리 - Sexyback (live)
승리 - 곰세마리가
승리 - 마지막 인사
승리 - 자장가

승리 & G-Dragon - Strong Baby (Remix at Music Core)

빅뱅 - 10 MINUTES (GDragon and KUSH ver)
빅뱅 - A-yo (Jinusean cover live)
빅뱅 - Always (Acapella)
빅뱅 - Candy (H.O.T cover live)
빅뱅 - Come Back Home
빅뱅 - Haru Haru [Acoustic Version]
빅뱅 - Hot ddeugo goo (1TYM cover live)
빅뱅 - Ice Cream
빅뱅 - Invitation (Uhm Jung Hwa cover)
빅뱅 - Lie [REMIX]
빅뱅 - MBC Rock Song
빅뱅 - Nasty (1TYM cover live)
빅뱅 - One Love (071117 MBC Teleconcert)
빅뱅 - Ride With You
빅뱅 - Run To You (DJ DOC cover live)
빅뱅 - So Sick (radio live)
빅뱅 - Sunset Glow (Remix)
빅뱅 - VIP (English version)
빅뱅 - We Belong Together (Song Baekkyoung made house remix)
빅뱅 - We`re Big Bang
빅뱅 - 너를사랑해 (S.E.S. cover live)
빅뱅 - 말해줘 (Feat. Jinusean) (cover live)
빅뱅 - 필승 (Feat. Alchemist) (Seo Taiji & Boys cover)

빅뱅 & Gummy- We belong together (remix)
빅뱅 & VA - So I'm Loving You (Lotte Duty Free CF)
에픽 하이 - Fan (feat. Big Bang) (live)

Some of those tracks I took from Vicky @ HQBB. All I uploaded on MF so you won't have problems with downlaoding.
Unfortunatelly some of them are not super high queality, and not all are full lenght tracks - just cuts i.e. from radio appearances, live performances etc.

One more - please do not hotlink my links.
And write proper credits whe reuploading somewhere!!

credits: Vicky @ HQBB LJ + Monika @ tekashi LJ
3rd-Oct-2009 02:25 am (UTC)
wow O_O
you are AWESOME!!!
thank you so much for this~
i am looking for your YGESHOP tutorial and i happened to drop here xD
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